Year of New Beer: Misanthrope, Surly Brewing Co (Minneapolis)

Written By: Dion on 03/09/2017

Surly Brewing is probably best known for big, brash beers that pummel you into submission with a cascade of hops. While visiting the brewery today, I got to sample several of those pioneering beers so instrumental to the Minneapolis beer scene. So it's all the more ironic that my favorite would be this one, a hoppy Belgian saisonthat has been totally funked up by the addition of Brettanomyces and wine barrel aging. The nose is earthy and yeasty with hints of honey and fruit layered over dusty oak. On the tongue, a medium level sour lemon provides a bit of acidity, while hints of underripened white grape add a touch of sweetness. Traces of oak, pepper, and herbal hops round out a moderately dry, slightly puckering finish. This is excellent.