Year of New Beer: The Implication, Mirror Twin Brewing (Lexington)

Written By: Dion on 09/28/2017

With kids, work, and a 25 minute drive to Lexington, I don't get to visit breweries as often as I would like. Lucky for me, when I do venture out, the opportunities for good beer are plentiful. In Lexington, I think we are spoiled. I say this because the more I visit other areas, the more I realize that our breweries are making really good beer. I think all of our local breweries have suffered some growing pains, and Mirror Twin is no different. But as year one comes to a close, the first of two anniversary beers is a winner on all fronts. Make no mistake, this is a big beer. Clocking in at 13%, it opens with an aroma that is seemingly straight bourbon and brown sugar. With a bit of warmth and aeration, however, it gains a dark fruit and maple complexity that only deepens with time. The maple is initially subtle, almost non-existent. Only with the rise in temperature does the maple element reveal itself in earnest. On the tongue, a sweet, cola-like base serves as a nice platform for the earthy, nutty, dark fruit layers that lie beneath. Traces of chocolate, raisin, and plum serve to tantalize the taste buds, while a sweet bourbon heat permeates the glass. Possibly too sweet for some, a bit hot for others. But if you're willing to sip and be patient, this beer proves to be one that more mature breweries would love to claim as their own.