Year of New Beer: Living Proof: Wild Pumpkin, Country Boy Brewing (Lexington)

Written By: Dion on 10/24/2017

Count me among those for whom pumpkin beers just don't hit the spot. I used to pick up one or two different ones every year, but the verdict was usually the same..."Yep, these suck." If I'm going to like it at all, it needs to be a potent barrel-aged version like those from Avery, or an earthy, roasted style such as Southern Tier Warlock or Country Boy Bumpkin. For this one, the Bumpkin is refermented with wild yeast and aged in a barrel for 12 months, and the result is unlike any pumpkin beer I've had. The nose is tart, conjuring images of cherries, sour plums, grapes, and red wine. Only with warmth does a very subtle hint of earthy spice appear. The tongue is treated to the same as red wine vinegar and unripened fruits pucker the mouth, while undercurrents of oak and funk add complexity. If I'm being completely honest, there's no way I could've named Bumpkin as the base beer hiding under all this sour. But I'm not complaining, lol, because this is a tasty addition to the Living Proof lineup.