Review: Snake Cake, West Sixth Brewing (Lexington)

Written By: Dion on 11/19/2017

Black Friday. It means different things to different people. At our house, it means Christmas decorations may now emerge from their nearly year-long slumber. For others, it means hurling themselves into a seething mass of humanity that has forgotten all of the many traits and ideals they extolled not twenty-four hours prior. For beer nerds, however, it has meant chasing special release beers. Special release beers that have been largely produced by a giant beer company who shall not be named. Those days are over. If this becomes an annual release, my future Black Friday shopping will consist of one stop, at the corner of 6th and Jefferson in Lexington, KY. Since its introduction a little over 2 years ago, fans of this beer have clamored for its release in bottled form. Let me be among the first to say, our wait has been duly rewarded. The nose is loaded with a ridiculous amount of chocolate fudge and brownie batter atop charred malts. Warmth reveals silken vanilla and luscious notes of caramel and bourbon. The aroma is impossibly rich and decadent. On the tongue, this beer does everything a barrel aged imperial stout should do, and then some. Thick and viscous, it coats the mouth with burnt sugar, cocoa powder, and dark fruits. Working through the glass, a subtle vanilla marries beautifully with a chocolate fudge that defies description, while the charred oak and bourbon adds enough heat and earthiness for balance. I've admitted it before...I'm a homer in regards to our local breweries. But this is something special. Come stand in line with me on Black Friday. If you only want one, I'll gladly reimburse you for the second bottle of your allotment.