Year of New Beer: Vladibeer Brewtin, Maiden City Brewing Co (Cynthiana, KY)

Written By: Dion on 12/20/2017

The second of two anniversary bottles from Maiden City sees the blackberries jettisoned in favor of a more traditional Russian Imperial Stout, and the results are no less satisfying. Cocoa powder, charred malts, and earthy hops combine with notes of plum, raisin, and light caramel to create a wonderful aroma. On thetongue, toasted bread crust and a subtle campfire char present a nice base upon which the fruits can develop along the mid-palate. It's really nice how the honey seems to provide just the right amount of sweetness to prevent the underlying roast from becoming too bitter. Lingering chocolate, coffee, and light tobacco through the finish. More traditional in flavor and body, but just as easy drinking as its Blackberry brother, this is a really nice beer. Congratulations again to the Maiden City crew!