Dion's Blog Entries

Bio: Our friend Dion is on a quest. That quest is to try one new beer every single day. Just one. He's been successful in this quest for over 1000 days so far ... and he's still going. He and his family are frequenters of our Lexington establishments and big fans of the food trucks. If you see him out, buy him a beer ... but make sure it's one he hasn't tried yet.

Year of New Beer: Barstow, Mile Wide Beer Co (Louisville)

Written On: 01/20/2018
Only beer on the board that I hadn't tried, so...Light citrus and dry hay on the nose. Mildly... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Mo Beam, West 6th Brewing (Lexington)

Written On: 01/19/2018
Take an already awesome, hazy, New England style IPA and kick it up a few decibels? You have my... (see more)

Year of New Beer: NightCall, Karben4 Brewing (WI)

Written On: 01/18/2018
Light smoke, coffee, and chocolate on the nose. Pretty earthy bitterness on the tongue, giving way... (see more)

Year of New Beer: 30th Anniversary Fritz & Ken's Ale, Sierra Nevada Brewing (CA)

Written On: 01/17/2018
I figured a SN birthday beer was appropriate as I celebrate my own earthly anniversary. Nearly 8... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Hazy Little Thing IPA, Sierra Nevada Brewing (CA)

Written On: 01/16/2018
Fairly straightforward nose of orange, light grapefruit, and some dank grasses. Pretty seamless... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Voodoo Ranger Juicy Haze, New Belgium Brewing (CO)

Written On: 01/15/2018
Grapefruit peel, lemon, and dank grasses on the nose. On the tongue, citrus pith leaps to the... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Whiskey Barrel Aged Cherry Stout, Bell's Brewery (MI)

Written On: 01/14/2018
Very nice aroma of chocolate, coffee, and cherry backed by lesser notes of charred oak, whiskey... (see more)

Year of New Beer: POW!, Highland Brewing Co (Asheville)

Written On: 01/13/2018
Approaching six months old, I thought his had the potential to be a sweet, malty mess. Instead... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Subluminal Imperial Stout, Buxton Brewery/Stillwater Artisanal Ales (England/MD)

Written On: 01/12/2018
Dark toast, cocoa powder, coffee, and a hint of licorice are just a few of the plethora of aromas... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Thunderbolt, Central State Brewing (IN)

Written On: 01/11/2018
Lemon zest, grapefruit peel, and herbal grasses make up the bulk of the nose. With warmth, the... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Hopsconsin Red Ale, Great Dane Pub & Brewing Co (WI)

Written On: 01/10/2018
Light caramel and toasted bread crust with mild notes of citrus and dried tobacco on the nose.... (see more)

Year of New Beer: You, Me, Mr. PB, Mirror Twin Brewing (Lexington)

Written On: 01/09/2018
Nose features a very nice roasted malt, cocoa powder, and just a trace of nuttiness. The flavor... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Apricot Sour, Avery Brewing (CO)

Written On: 01/08/2018
Ridiculous amounts of apricot threaten to overpower any other aspect of the nose. Warmth does... (see more)

Year of New Beer: HHG APA, Central Waters Brewing (WI)

Written On: 01/07/2018
 Light lemon and orange zest with modest notes of herbal grasses making up the bulk of the... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Kousmanen Baltic Porter, West 6th Brewing (Lexington)

Written On: 01/06/2018
Cocoa powder and a light coffee note on the nose, with a nice toasted bread emerging as the glass... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Half & Half Lemonade Iced Tea IPA, Evil Twin Brewing/Omnipollo (NY/Sweden)

Written On: 01/05/2018
Having really enjoyed the Old Fashioned Lemonade and Pink Lemonade IPAs from Evil Twin, I didn't... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Warmer Winter Winter Warmer, Cigar City Brewing (Tampa)

Written On: 01/04/2018
After languishing in my fridge for just shy of two years, this sounded appealing in the midst of... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Tall Dark & Barrel-Aged, West 6th Brewing (Lexington)

Written On: 01/03/2018
With the Bluegrass lodged firmly in Mother Nature's icy grip, a handsome stranger arrives just in... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Von Pilsner, Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project (CO)

Written On: 01/02/2018
Light lemon zest and floral notes sit atop baked bread and cereal grain aromas. The bready malt... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Darker My Love, Urban Family Brewing (WA)

Written On: 01/01/2018
Tart cherries, blackberries, and a bit of balsamic on the nose, warming to allow some red... (see more)