Country Boy Brewing Expands Distribution into West Virginia

Written By: Chris Vandergrift on 08/06/2014

Lexington, KY- Lexington based Country Boy Brewing is excited to announce the partnership with a new distributor, Eagle Distributing Company of Huntington, W.Va., as they enter the Huntington, W.Va.  market for the first time. Eagle Distributing joins Country Boy's existing team of distributors throughout Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee.  The first beers that will be sent to West Virginia will be their very popular Cougar Bait Blonde along with Shotgun Wedding (Vanilla Brown Ale) and Cliff Jumper IPA.


Since opening in 2012, Country Boy has grown from a facility with 30 barrels of fermentation capacity to now over 500 barrels. They grew their total production more than quadrupled since their first year.


"We are very excited to bringing beer into West Virginia.  It has been a relationship we have been working on for some time with Eagle Distributing, since they began carrying our products in Eastern Kentucky.  Eagle Distributing's home territory of Huntington, W. Va. will be our initial area of distribution, with the hopes of expanding to the remaining areas of the state by the end of the year" says Jeff Beagle co-owner of Country Boy Brewing.


"We have been selling Country Boy Brewery brands in our Kentucky market since early in 2013 so we know how good they are and what they are capable of. These are some of the finest crafted beers being served in our region so being able to sell them in our West Virginia market means a lot," says Nick Williams, General Manager at Eagle Distributing. "West Virginia craft consumers will be very impressed by these awesome beers!"

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