New Beer: Sweetwater Festive Ale

Written By: Chris Vandergrift on 11/13/2014

A new beer hitting the Lexington shelves soon is Sweetwater Festive Ale, their winter seasonal offering.  

They describe it thusly: "A strong ale brewed with generous amounts of rich malt, coupled with a taint of cinnamon and mace to keep you warm and toasted all winter long.  We Double Dog Dare You.  7.7% ABV and available in six packs and Liter bottles..."  I like that they used the word taint.

Dark brown color with aromas of dark fruit, chocolate, a little coffee, and just a tiny bit of spice.  The flavor is where it's at - reminds me of a sweet, rich porter crossed with a Belgian ale.  A malt bomb with hints of coffee, and a very slight bit of cinnamon on the finish, but the spice is very mellow.  The alcohol provides a nice warming sensation.  

This is a great beer for the person who wants to have a warming holiday beer, but doesn't want to be bombarded with spices.  I typically don't like spiced beers, but this malt bomb is right up my alley.