Chris Vandergrift's Blog Entries

Bio: Chris Vandergrift is an Electrical Engineer with a passion for good beer. Chris is the head organizer for the Lexington Fest of Ales, Lexington Craft Beer Week, and Event Manager at

2014 Lexington Craft Beer Week

Written On: 05/02/2014
Lexington Craft Beer Week starts one week from tomorrow!  Last year went so well that we... (see more)

Kentucky Ale Brewoff

Written On: 03/06/2014
Think you're a good homebrewer?  Prove it!  Kentucky Ale will be holding their annual... (see more)

What Makes a Beer World Class?

Written On: 01/10/2014
Let me 'splain: I started playing with numbers to see how "top beers" varied across the... (see more)

West Sixth Christmas Beer - Chris' Preview

Written On: 11/26/2013
Color is a dark brown with a fairly low level of carbonation, thus not a huge head on the beer.... (see more)