Country Boy Brewing Special Bottle Release-Nate's Coffee Stout

Written By: Dion on 01/06/2016

"To me, the smell of fresh made coffee is one of the greatest inventions." -- Hugh Jackman

Far be it from me to argue with Wolverine. I am an occasional coffee drinker at best, with my consumption actually increasing due in large part, I believe, to the similarity of flavors between the roasted bean and the charred malts of the manybeers I enjoy. But even before I began my love affair with beer, I had an affinity for the smell of coffee. Outside of bacon, it may be my favorite smell of all. I think it provides a certain level of comfort for most of us--a generator of childhood memories of sorts. No matter the psychology or physiology behind it, I think most would is good. Really good coffee? Even better. 
Which brings us to Nate's Coffee of Lexington. Owner Nathan Polly has gone from roasting on a hot air popcorn popper to running a business that produces over 3000 pounds a month. For this collaboration, Nate brings Organic Ceylan coffee from Guatemala and turns it over to the Boys on Chair, and the end result is nothing short of spectacular. The bean immediately takes center stage, punching the nose with a rich roast that is backed by bittersweet chocolate, toasted bread, and ribbons of caramel. I could almost be content with just waving this under my nose. Thankfully, I didn't have to stop there, as this is no less delightful once it hits the tongue. Slightly smoky, charred malts stop short of acidic as the coffee provides a smooth chocolate note, almost creamy in its sweetness. A faint suggestion of dark fruit mid-palate is ushered aside by light, earthy hops and shades of roasted nuts before the coffee bitterness builds slightly toward the finish. This beer masterfully walks the line between bitter and sweet, enveloping the taste buds in a whirlwind of flavors. Simply outstanding. I may become a coffee drinker after all. Black? No, I think I'll have mine with hops and barley.

Bottles go on sale this Saturday, January 9th at noon in the Country Boy taproom. Until then, you can pass the time learning more about Nate's Coffee by visiting