Year of New Beer: Juicy Pear Pale Ale, Country Boy Brewing (Lexington)

Written By: Dion on 02/11/2018

With concerts, play practices, and golf lessons chewing up my schedule, I missed out on the 6th Anniversary celebration this week. Today I did manage to sneak into Chair Avenue and snag some of this good stuff, so all is not lost. Locally grown pears lend a gentle sweetness to a subdued hop note of citrus and floral grasses. Smooth transition to the tongue as the pears seem to tame the bitterness, combining with the hops to produce suggestions of honeysuckle, marmalade, and cider. The pears are subtle at first, but build in their sweetness with warmth. This is a really nice twist on the traditional pale ale, and super easy drinking. Get it before it's gone!