Year of New Beer: Long Time Lurker, Blue Stallion Brewing (Lexington)

Written By: Dion on 03/08/2018

I guess it's somewhat fitting that on the day of Dr. Pearse Lyons' passing, I enjoy a bourbon barrel aged brew. His Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale was probably the first beer I ever tasted that had been given such a treatment, and it helped instill in me a love for barreled brews. And while some people prefer subtle hints of bourbon, I like them more in the fashion of tonight's new beer...brash and in your face. This one leaves no doubt on the nose as the charred oak, caramel, and bourbon dominate. With warmth, chocolate and roasted malts join in. Bourbon is again the star on the tongue, layering a sweet heat over a bitter roast and hints of vanilla, oak, and chocolate. Make no mistake, this is hot, drinking bigger than the advertised 10.5%. But I like it, and I think it will get even better with about 6 months of age on it. Nicely done, gentlemen.