Year of New Beer: Maracuj√°, Rhinegeist Brewery (Cincinnati)

Written By: Dion on 07/25/2018

Having missed out on this one when it made the rounds last year, I made sure to pick one up on its re-release. For this version, the face-puckering tartness gets a bit of a counter in the form of a lactose addition. The nose is tart, citric in nature with lemon and lime prominent. Notes of peach, crabapple, and tart grape are present as well. On the tongue, this is still pretty sour, hitting the taste buds with a warhead candy-type effect. The passion fruit flavor is subtle to the point I would've had a hard time identifying it without its mention on the label. Instead, this is more a mélange of sharply acidic fruits, tempered ever so slightly by a touch of lactose sweetness. Very tasty, but have your antacids at the ready.