Year of New Beer: Burial Beer Company flight (Asheville)

Written By: Dion on 08/04/2018

Top left, Fall of the Rebel Angels, a sour ale with chokeberries. Very puckering in a Sweetart kind of way. Top right, To Streak Blood Across My Brow, a double dry hopped double IPA. Smells of ragweed and grapefruit peel, super dank and juicy. Bottom left, Portal to Transgression, a porter with cocoa, vanilla and lactose. Slightly bitter cocoa powder, with the vanilla and lactose adding sweetness to turn this one into a dessert in a glass. Bottom right, The Tranquility Amid Terror, another hazy, super juicy IPA. This one isn't as weedy as the one above, instead highlighting citrus and a more floral aspect. Very good. All of these were excellent, and I'm sure I could've had another flight of four that would've been just as good. Burial is doing great work.