Year of New Beer: Cow Tipping, Mirror Twin Brewing (Lexington)

Written By: Dion on 09/19/2018

MT's birthday can #3 is this milkshake IPA loaded with lactose, vanilla, and blackberries. The nose offers up all of those ingredients in pretty short order, sweet and creamy with just a subtle berry note. Warmth allows the hop character to shine as a definite citrus kick arrives with cursory mango and pineapple notes. The aromatransitions very well to the tongue. Pretty sweet up front with the lactose and vanilla doing an excellent job of approximating that "milkshake" effect. Still a moderate amount of citrus pith bitterness through the finish. The blackberry seems to come out a bit more with warmth. I think I enjoyed the Hazy Potter and Mango Monster just a bit more, but this is going to be a favorite for a lot of folks just because it is so unique. Very well done.