Year of New Beer: Double Barrel Chernobly, Mirror Twin Brewing (Lexington)

Written By: Dion on 09/30/2018

It would've been awfully tempting to just stay in the comfort zone...juicy, hazy IPAs. Because that's their thing, right? But when you have such an impressive base beer, and you're able to employ the brewing equivalent of cheat codes in Willett and Four Roses go with it. An incredible nose of dark chocolate, espresso, and vanilla gets augmented by bourbon, charred malts, and jerky. On the tongue, the "double barrel" is certainly evident, with plenty of bourbon and oak char providing a nice balance to the sweeter dark fruit, chocolate, and creamy vanilla. Hints of cola and campfire on a long, roasty finish. This is absolutely stellar. It seems that every local brewery has had that one brew that takes them to the next level...I believe Mirror Twin has found it. This is a great beer, no matter what barrels it might be finished in. Well done, Mirror Twin, well done.