Year of New Beer: Coconut Monolith (Variants), Rock House Brewing (Lexington)

Written By: Dion on 11/17/2018

In addition to the toasted coconut deliciousness of the regular Monolith, the brewers at Rock House treated everyone to three outstanding variants today. Up first was the Horchata, which incorporated cinnamon and cardamom to produce a spicy, complex brew that caught me by surprise with how good it was. I typically don't care for cinnamon laced stouts, but this was outstanding. Secondly was Cupuacu. I really don't know what this fruit is, and I can't really say what it did or didn't add to the base beer. Unlike the others, I got almost nothing on the nose, and only a semi-sour note on the tongue. My least favorite, but others loved it. That's what makes beer great. Lastly was the Hazelnut Coffee, which was probably my favorite. Rich, warm coffee on the nose with a slightly bitter baker's chocolate on the tongue. Excellent. I'm pretty sure a few of these will stick around beyond today's special event, so if you haven't yet visited Rock House...what are you waiting for?