Year of New Beer: Toasted Coconut Vanilla Demogorgon & Broken Dishes

Written By: Dion on 01/26/2019

Toasted Coconut Vanilla Demogorgon, Streetside Brewery (Cincinnati), and Broken Dishes, Funk Factory Geuzeria (WI). I guess if there's one good thing about getting older, it's being able to exercise restraint at a beer share such as I attended today. As the number of people in attendance grew, so did the ridiculous number of new and unusual brews being opened. I tried small samples of several good ones, but these two stood out. In short, the Demogorgon tasted pretty much like a liquid mounds bar with a splash of bourbon chaser. Unbelievably rich and delicious. Broken Dishes was basically a 180° turn...funky and tart with awesome notes of peach, red wine, and oak barrel. Fantastic brew. There may have been as many as 200 beers opened today, and possibly some were better than these two. But I'm gonna just tell myself that I got the best, and be content that I spent a fun day with fun people.