Year of New Beer: Living Proof: Lylah, Country Boy Brewing (Lexington)

Written By: Dion on 02/03/2019

Brewed to commemorate the birth of the daughter of owner Nate and Jessica, this wild ale builds on the already outstanding base beer with the addition of crabapple, strawberry, and rosemary. The nose is bright with the sharpness of the crabapple, joined by notes of tart white grape and traces of lemon. With warmth, the strawberry begins to develop, as does a subtle herbal quality. The aroma transitions nicely to the tongue, with a moderate to (almost) high level sourness initially. Crabapple, lemon, and tart berries all seem to play a part. A rise in temperature allows the underlying strawberry sweetness to counter, producing a fantastic Sweetart effect. Rosemary is subtle to the point that my palate probably wouldn't have identified it specifically, but present enough to give the flavor profile a mild, herbal note. Very well done, and a fitting tribute to a beautiful baby girl.