Year of New Beer: Smash, Commonwealth Brewing Co (VA)

Written By: Dion on 04/06/2019

Sour candy-like fruits on the nose with pink grapefruit and lime nudging out the guava. Just a hint of salt to go along with an undercurrent of sourdough. On the tongue, this blurs the line between gose and fruited haze, but the acidic qualities ultimately win out. The grapefruit and lime provide a modest pucker, blending nicely with thesalt to produce a margarita-like effect. Warmth does allow a bit of the guava to sneak in, presenting the faintest hint of sweetness across the middle. Similar to the Guava Lime from Weldwerks, this comes off like Sweetarts and sour Skittles on the taste buds, and it's absolutely delicious.