Year of New Beer: Yo! Fo Sho, Rock House Brewing/ Ben Hoh Collaboration (Lexington)

Written By: Dion on 05/03/2019

Putting coffee into a fruited gose just has to be a train wreck, right? Except it isn't. This one takes the incredible base blackberry gose and adds the light roast of Yo! Wake Up from Nate's Coffee to produce a delicious, yet puzzling treat. Coffee is subtle on the nose, offering a touch of chocolate atop tart berries and a faint salinity. On the tongue, blackberries impart a modestly sour bite that flexes just enough muscle to keep the nutty, chocolate undertones of the coffee at bay. Very balanced flavors. Definitely on the outermost fringe of "gose", but an experiment I'd call a success, fo sho.