Year of New Beer: S'More Country Western, West 6th Brewing/Country Boy Brewing (Lexington)

Written By: Dion on 05/07/2019

The month of May brings many things...the Derby, warmer temps, graduations...but for craft beer fans in the Lexington area, May means the long-awaited arrival of Craft Beer Week. For the seventh time, West 6th and Country Boy join forces, this time asking the question, "Are you ready for S'More Country Western?" Brewed to emulate perhaps the quintessential summertime treat, this iteration opens with a rich, roasty nose that evokes notes of campfire and milk chocolate. With warmth, vanilla presents a suggestion of marshmallow fluff, content to rest upon a whisper of graham cracker. The imperial stout base flexes as an earthy char provides a modestly bitter roast on the tongue. Chocolate begins to arrive mid-palate, working nicely with the vanilla to produce an element of sweetness. As in the aroma, graham cracker is subtle, acting much as it does in the dessert...a vehicle for the real stars of the show--chocolate, marshmallow, and campfire smoke. Although it isn't listed on the label, this in the 10% ABV range, but it sure doesn't drink like it. Super smooth and perfectly balanced between sweet and roasty. Many thanks to the guys for letting me sample this one a little early. You can get yours at both brewery taprooms this Friday at 5pm. And don't forget to check for a complete list of Craft Beer Week events!