Year of New Beer: Various, My Old Kentucky Foam Brewery (Georgetown)

Written By: Dion on 06/23/2019

I'll start with the positive. The full pour in the first picture was Saucy (Sassy?) Blonde, described as a ghost pepper beer. Mild pepper note on the nose with a subtle, sweet grain undercurrent. Pretty solid blonde base on the tongue with a definite heat that hits on the backend. Pretty tasty, and a nice accompaniment to some potato skins. Number 1 in the flight was a bourbon barrel brown. Solid bourbon note up front, with a roasty malt backbone. Touch of cola on the finish. Easily the second best. Number 10 was listed as a summer citrus sour. Not horrible, but it came off more like a cider as it had a sweet note on the finish. Number 13, Tweeked, was listed as a coffee stout. Thin, watery, and less body than the barrel aged brown. Virtually no coffee, nowhere near stout. Number 14, I fail to remember the name, was billed as a New England IPA. Even the most novice IPA drinker would dispute this. It was more sour than the sour. No discernible hop presence, be it fruity, juicy, piney, or bitter. Might be better to focus on perfecting the recipe on 4 or 5 beers as opposed to putting 20 on the board. I'll check back in a few months.