Year of New-ish Beer: Wheezing The Juice, Mirror Twin Brewing Co (Lexington)

Written By: Dion on 08/01/2019

As the great philosopher Pauly Shore once said, "This...this is what put this place on the map." So this couldn't technically be my new beer today since I had it several weeks ago in the taproom. But I didn't talk about it then, so a can release on Saturday warrants some attention. The nose is pretty one-dimensional, but when that dimension is nice, tart raspberries, there's little to complain about. I could be persuaded to find some green apple and maybe a little lime in there as well, but they're subtle. On the tongue is a sour kick of raspberry ICEE goodness. Vanilla and lactose offer up just enough tempering sweetness to give this moments of "ice cream float". In the end, tart berries, orange, and hints of unripened tropical fruit win out. Delicious. Cans of the crowd favorite You, Me, and Mr. P.B. drop on Friday, with Wheezing the Juice and Haze-Ja-Vu landing Saturday. So channel your inner Encino Man and make your way out to the taproom this weekend, you won't be sorry.