Year of New Beer: **** It, We'll Do It Lime, Streetside Brewery (Cincinnati)

Written By: Dion on 10/04/2019

Many breweries do key lime pie goses, few do them this well. Everyone gets the tart punch of lime, that's the easy part. It's the subtler notes of graham cracker and whipped cream that are tough. The nose is packed with plenty of the aforementioned lime, with hints of salt lingering in the background. Warmth does bring along the pie crust notes that are a must if you're truly going to nail it. Really nice transition to the tongue, a moderately puckering lime with a sweet undercurrent that does manage to mimic the creaminess found in a good key lime pie. I think the graham cracker comes through a bit better in the aroma department, but it's still there. I guess if pressed, I'd say this is the second best Key Lime Pie gose I've ever had. Rock House in Lexington still holds the number one spot.