Year of New Beer: Snake Nuts, West 6th Brewing (Lex)

Written By: Dion on 10/29/2019

Go ahead. Throw out your best duos. Jordan and Pippen. Simon and Garfunkel. Even Woody and Buzz. All incredible. But none better than chocolate and peanut butter. Leave it up to West 6th to take advantage of perhaps the most iconic duo in history, filling your Halloween baskets with the most delicious of treats. The aroma leaves little doubt as to who is the star of the show. The nose is full of rich, freshly hulled peanuts, backed by a slightly bitter baker's chocolate. The charred malts of the base beer are tempered by the creamy sweetness of the peanut butter, offering up hints of Graham cracker and meringue. Lingering notes of vanilla and marshmallow with a subtle alcohol and burnt toast finish, alongside a campfire smoke. Equal amounts sweet and roast throughout. Stellar brew. Limited bottle availability in the taproom beginning Thursday at 11a.m.