Year of New Beer: Red Curry Coconut Monolith, Rock House Brewing (Lexington)

Written By: Dion on 11/02/2019
All of the beers on the flight were good, but this one stood out. Not sure how the curry manages to work so well in this, but it does. No doubt about the spice on the nose, offering up just a touch of red chilies ahead of a roasty chocolate malt. Don't really get the impact of the coconut in the aroma, but it's a different story in the taste department. Giving just enough sweetness, it does a great job of balancing the kick of the spice. Hints of ginger and coriander fit nicely against light oak, caramel, and chocolate. The bourbon influence is very subtle, and works perfectly in this combo. Do yourself a favor and get down to Rock House tomorrow and have a go at the leftovers, because they're all good!