Year of New Beer: Wheezing The Juice, Mirror Twin Brewing Co (Lexington)

Written By: Dion on 11/14/2019

The name may be the same, but the beer gets a new look this time around. Whereas the first canned version featured raspberries, this iteration brings tangerine and blood orange into the mix, and the results are outstanding. So much citrusy goodness in the aroma with the tangerine really popping on the nose. Even better on the tongue, with the tangerine again leading the way, providing a juicy sweetness. The blood orange follows quickly, adding a citrus sharpness that works really well against the tangerine. Vanilla and lactose smoothing everything out on the backend. This comes off a lot like a more tart version of Tang. Excellent. Available on Saturday. Don't miss tomorrow though, as Caffeinated Cows makes its can debut. I had this one on draft previously, but I think this version blows that one away. If you like coffee beers, this is an absolute must! Just punches you in the face with coffee in both the aroma and taste. So smooth and creamy with a chocolate sweetness pairing really well with the bitterness of the roasted bean. So good. This one hits the taproom cooler tomorrow!