Year of New Beer: Mayan Sacrifice, Darkness Brewing (KY)

Written By: Dion on 11/16/2019

The beer menu made no mention of this being a golden stout, instead listing it only as 'Imperial/Double'. So when it was first placed in front of me, I was fairly certain that I had been served the wrong beer. One pass under the nose and I realized what was going on. Coffee with cream and hints of chocolate command the aroma, allowing only a trace of bread crust to emerge with warmth. On the tongue, the bitterness of the roasted bean is tempered nicely by the lactose and sweet chocolate layer. The ancho and pasilla arrive on the mid-palate, but they're very subtle. I'm generally not a huge fan of pepper beers, but this is a case where I'd actually like to see them ramped up a bit. Mild coffee roast lingers through the finish, with very little perceptible alcohol. Pretty nice beer.