Year of New Beer: Whiskey & Cabernet Cask Imperial Stout, Boulevard Brewing Co (Kansas City)

Written By: Dion on 11/18/2019

This is the first of three new beers in the Tasting Room Variety pack. If you were to be served this without seeing the label, the aroma would leave little doubt as to the fact that it has spent some time in a barrel. Plenty of alcohol on the nose, rich with caramel, red grapes, and plums. A bit of aeration ushers in hints of leather and sweet pipe tobacco. Chocolate and a light roast greet the tongue, but their influence is short-lived as the dark fruit notes really take over mid-palate. The bourbon component is smooth, offering up caramel, hints of vanilla, and oak. Traces of cherry and red wine through the finish. Very nice beer, and getting a quality 12% barrel aged stout for only $3 makes it silly good.