Year of New Beer: Tasting

Written By: Dion on 12/07/2019

On a night when multiple excellent bottles were opened, it ended up being a couple of meads that stole the show for me. Up first was Madeline (2nd Birthday), Schramm's Mead (MI). Sweet, ripe berries greet the nose, with the labeled boysenberry seemingly being joined by blackberry and raspberry. So sweet and delicious on the tongue, almost as if you had taken the most decadent homemade jam and reduced it to liquid. Absolutely stunning. Secondly was Peanut Butter Jelly Crime, Superstition Meadery (AZ). I'm not sure how you reduce a PB&J, complete with Wonder Bread, down to an alcoholic beverage, but this manages to do just that. Sweet jam against a slightly earthy peanut butter and a completely inexplicable white bread background. Ridiculously good.