Year of New Beer: 3 Hour Tour, Rock House Brewing (Lexington)

Written By: Dion on 01/24/2020
With the base coconut porter being low-key one of the best beers in Lex, I really wanted to make it over to try the coconut cream pie version before it kicked. Definitely not disappointed. This takes all of the goodness of the base and cranks it to eleven. Wonderful coconut aroma that leaves no doubt, but also doesn't smell like a bottle of Coppertone. Very subtle graham, vanilla, and roasted malts. Fantastic transition to the tongue. Coconut is again the star, walking the line between toasted and sweet, pairing really well with the light chocolate of the base porter. Just a suggestion of graham cracker and vanilla creaminess to round things out. I would tell you to go try it, but just moments after ordering my second one, another lucky patron scored the last pour. Hopefully it will be brewed again in short order, because it's outstanding. This needs to be the standard coconut porter at Rock House.