Year of New Beer: 8th Anniversary Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, Country Boy Brewing (Georgetown)

Written By: Dion on 02/05/2020

It doesn't seem possible that eight years have passed since the Boys opened their doors, but here we are. And for this birthday, they've returned to their roots. Awesome nose features chocolate up front, rich and milky sweet. Subtle vanilla that increases with warmth. Bourbon, charred malt, and hints of dark fruits all play a part. Very nice transition to the tongue, where balance is the operative word. In an age where over-the-top, super sweet, pastry stouts command most of the attention, this showcases the adjuncts in nearly perfect fashion. Chocolate is at first sweet, then slightly bitter. Vanilla and macadamia nuts add a silky, creamy layer, while the barrel offers up caramel and a slight oaky char. The bourbon note increases with warmth, but still allows the other aspects to shine. This is a very well-constructed beer, worthy of the occasion. Goes on sale this Friday. Many thanks to the crew at Country Boy for allowing me to preview this one tonight.