Year of New Beer: Louisville Trip

Written By: Dion on 02/22/2020

Up first was the Toasted Coconut Brain Check, Akasha Brewing (Louisville). Nice, rich chocolate on the nose, with light coffee and a faint cinnamon presence. Things ratchet up a notch on the tongue as a sweet, creamy coconut takes center stage, providing the perfect balance to the spicy cinnamon bite. A big, deliciously decadent beer. Up next was Double Haze Porter, 3rd Turn Brewing (Louisville). Had a fantastic flight of beers hand picked by my friend Jason Chism, all of which were very good. He kicked it off with the hazelnut treat, and I can see why. Light chocolate and roasty grains, but a huge punch of hazelnut on the nose. Perfectly balanced on the tongue, walking a line of earthy, nutty goodness to sweet chocolate and back to modestly bitter charred malts. You've got to like hazelnut to enjoy this beer, but if you do, it's exceptional.