Year of New Beer: Unemployment's Last Straw, Ethereal Brewing Co (Lexington)

Written By: Dion on 05/15/2020

 This one takes what has been one of my favorite local beers of late, Unemployment Lime, and gives it a dose of strawberry, resulting in a sweet and sour masterpiece. Strawberry has a tendency to get lost as a beer ingredient, but it steps up nicely on the nose, hitting first as a tart, powdered candy before mellowing out to a much sweeter, jammy note. Coupled with the lime, it gives off nearly a punch-like effect. On the tongue, this still just smacks you in the face with an extremely tart lime, but the strawberry presents a fantastic counter as it gives off a very subtle sweetness. The acidic bite does linger through the finish, though. So good, and much like the base beer, it's begging to be turned into a beer cocktail of some sort. So glad I snagged a couple of these during the frantic 25 minutes they were available!