Year of New Beer: Lil Sampson, Mirror Twin Brewing Co (Lexington)

Written By: Dion on 06/25/2020
I have always had a soft spot for key lime beers, so getting my hands on this one was a must. MT eschews the typical gose base used in the majority of key lime brews, opting instead for their bread and butter, the New England IPA. All of the boxes get ticked on the nose...tart lime, definitive graham cracker, and a subtle vanilla that evokes notes of sweet meringue. Equally impressive on the tongue as the lime jolts the taste buds early, but really gives equal footing to a solid graham crust across the middle. Perfect amounts of lactose and vanilla provide a countering sweetness to the lime peel that hangs on through a juicy finish. This is outstanding. Definitely should've bought more. Well done.