Year of New Beer: Shadbush Story, Bhramari Brewing Co (Asheville)

Written By: Dion on 08/02/2020

Every now and then, I stumble onto something that obliterates any expectations that I may have had. This is definitely one of those occasions. I have liked most everything I've had from Bhramari, so add to that a killer label, and I was sucked in. Nose features hints of cherry and blueberry alongside lighter notes of oak and leather. Little bit of red wine vinegar as it warms. Pleasantly sour on the tongue, with tart cherries again doing most of the heavy lifting. Slightly funky, with dry hay and cork adding to the oak barrel. Very faint residual sugars along the middle before giving way to a moderate acidity. Finishes dry with a lingering cherry note. Excellent. Wish I had bought another.