Year of New Beer: A Placeholder for Connection, Ethereal Brewing/Rock House Brewing (Lexington)

Written By: Dion on 08/08/2020

I've said this over and over...we are very fortunate to have so many good breweries in and around the Lexington area. And I love when two of them come together for a collaborative effort. This one is a real treat. With Citra being one of the three hops used, it's no surprise that the nose carries plenty of orange. Loral and Cashmere offer up more subtle peach and melon tones, along with mild herbal grasses. Fruits are soft and juicy on the tongue, with the orange and peach skin continuing to pop. Pillowy with that nearly angel food cake backing that I love. Herbal but not biting. Super smooth without a hint of bitterness. Both of these breweries have been firing on all cylinders this summer, so I'm not surprised that this is so good. Excellent work.