Year of New Beer: Big Hitter Flight from Ethereal Brewing (Lexington)

Written By: Dion on 08/29/2020

Three of the four were new to me today. Starting on the left with Bourbon Barrel Aged Priory of Shadows. Dark and rich with an incredible vanilla and marshmallow cream layer that adds so much depth. Would love to see this with a touch more body, but still outstanding. Moving right, number two was Koffie, an imperial dark lager with coffee and cinnamon. Love the aroma here as the roasted bean gets a kick from the cinnamon. Drinks deceptively easy for the ABV. Third was the only repeat for me, Crocatta, a barrel aged quad with coffee. Notes of toffee, caramel, and dark fruits layered atop bourbon-soaked oak. This beer is almost criminally overlooked. Lastly, on the far right, is Cherry Baba Yaga. Consistently one of the best beers in Kentucky, Baba Yaga gets a dose of sweet cherry to counter the bourbon heat. It's so easy for cherry beers to get medicinal, but this one presents with a deft hand. Possibly a tad sweet, but the fruit serves to balance the overall heft of the charred, roasty base. Very nice. Kudos to the Ethereal staff for doing a masterful job in handling the COVID-19 restrictions. Good to see a few folks out today, even if it was at a distance.