Year of New Beer: Pie Commander, Rock House Brewing (Lexington)

Written By: Dion on 09/03/2020

Everyone in Kentucky is familiar with that pie named for the first Saturday in...September?? For what we hope will be the only Derby in our lifetime not held in May, Rock House brewed up an incredible dessert-themed treat. I use the past tense because it's gone. Limited batch, one day. So glad I bought a 4 pack, because now I can share with friends. Anyway...wonderful blend of milk chocolate and vanilla on the nose, with underlying hints of toasted malts and oak. What doesn't just hint is the walnut, which is big from the jump. On the tongue, this is 100% dessert in a glass. Silky smooth, coating the mouth with a layer of chocolate before allowing a huge kick of walnut to take over. Woody and earthy, it smooths over a bourbon note that is surprisingly subtle, offering up notes of vanilla and caramel without being hot or boozy. I would rate this just a half star below "Gas Station Bananas" for the title of best RH barrel aged beer. Outstanding work.