Year of New Beer: Fill Pils, Highland Park Brewery (CA)

Written By: Dion on 09/10/2020

Maybe I've undergone my Lion King, "Circle of Life" moment, I don't know. Just a few years ago, I would have passed over a beer like this in favor of something with added fruit, or chocolate, or coffee. But lately, I find myself enjoying the clean, crisp flavors found in a well-done Pilsner, and this hits the spot. Lightly floral with hints of honey, lemon, and biscuit on the nose. On the tongue, this is smooth and uncluttered. Just enough of an earthy, spicy hop bite to balance the sweet grain backbone. Does a nice job of offering up floral and herbal notes throughout, with lemon and honey again leading the way. Mild bitterness keeps it sharp well into the finish. Good stuff, could drink this on the regular.