Year of New Beer: From Downtown, Listermann Brewing Co/More Brewing Co (Cincinnati/IL)

Written By: Dion on 09/15/2020

Hops, raspberries, cheesecake, and lactose... This should be a disaster. Except it's not. Raspberries pop on the nose, with the lactose definitely giving it a milkshake vibe. Not sure how much is power of suggestion, but it does have a touch of cheesecake in the aroma with some warmth. Most times, the hops get lost in this type of beer, but not here. Definitely get an initial citrus peel hop bite that is gradually ushered away by a sweet raspberry creamsicle. Hints of the cheesecake through the finish, with a most delicious fruit topping. Crazy. This is way better than it has the right to be.