Year of New Beer: Barrel Aged Chernobly IV: Chocolate Hazelnut, Mirror Twin Brewing Co (Lexington)

Written By: Dion on 11/05/2020

Better late than never as I finally dive into the first of three special Chernobly variants. This one hits with a huge hazelnut on the pour, with chocolate adding depth to the aroma. Warmth brings on subtle notes of plum and black cherry bathed in bourbon. Really nice transition to the tongue. Hazelnut still leads by the narrowest of margins, but the chocolate steps up to add a rich, sweet undercurrent. Slightly charred, roasty note across the middle, but it gives way to hints of the aforementioned fruits moving through the glass. Bourbon, oak, and vanilla tones build toward the finish, but they never overpower, instead adding layers of interest to this outstanding brew. Drank this straight off the shelf at about 64°, and I'm glad I did. Wouldn't have wanted colder fridge temps to dampen any part of this. Very nicely done.