Year of New Beer: Two Beers

Written By: Dion on 11/15/2020

Tried a couple of beers today that are about as different from one another as they could be. Up first was Stay Classy, Lexington, Rock House Brewing (Lexington). This one features a nose that is dominated by cucumber, but does offer up some old fashioned dill pickle in a salty brine. Pickle does step up a bit in the flavor department, presenting a mild tartness, but the cucumber lingers pretty strong throughout. Considering I'm more a fan of pickles than cucumbers, I found this to be very refreshing. Very unusual for sure. Second was Intergalactic Warrior, Toppling Goliath Brewing Co (IA). Bright citrus with freshly cut grass on the nose. Initially, there's more bitterness on the tongue than I was expecting. Definitely has more traditional IPA flavors as citrus rind and herbal grasses take charge over the juicier pineapple, peach, and mango notes. A touch of spicy grain husk underneath. Enjoyed both of them.