Year of New Beer: Glazed and Confused, Mirror Twin Brewing Co (Lexington)

Written By: Dion on 12/14/2020

It's no secret that I enjoy beer. A close second on my list would be donuts. They're kind of like pizza in that you have to try really hard to screw one up to the point that I won't eat it. My favorite? Spalding's, hands down. So when Mirror Twin dropped over a hundred Spalding's donuts into a batch of milk stout, I knew I had to try it. Perfect nose of fried dough, chocolate, cinnamon, and sugar. Easy to tell on the tongue that a cinnamon-sugar donut had found its way into the mix. Subtle, but definitely there. Sweet, almost fudgy chocolate throughout. Crazy how the donuts stand up in this. Very well done, fun beer.