Year of New Beer: Ginger Mead, Ben Hoh/ Chris Vandergrift (Lexington)

Written By: Dion on 12/18/2020

So this is most likely between 5 and 7 years old, with an ABV somewhere between 12-15%. Those are guesses. What is not a guess is how outstanding this is. Make no mistake, if you don't like ginger, this is not for you. It pretty much dominates the nose, augmented by a good deal of honeysuckle and some almost mint-like herbal qualities. Ginger hits the tongue in a couple of stages. A bit reserved initially, with hints of lemon that quickly give way to a big honey sweetness across the middle. After the swallow is when the ginger spiciness really steps up, providing a decent amount of heat through the finish. I've had this bottle for a few years, and I always said I'd save it to have with sushi. But I caved and decided to drink it. I really wish I had saved it, because it would've been perfect. Nice job guys, please do this more often.