Year of New Beer: Pillar of Beasts, 3 Floyds Brewing Co (IN)

Written By: Dion on 01/05/2021

Fairly early in my beer journey, I discovered 3 Floyds, and their beers were highly sought after. Brash and in your face with hops, they definitely fueled my love for IPAs. But as more local breweries began to crank out beers of comparable quality at lower prices, 3 Floyds began to seem almost pedestrian. Some over the last few years have been downright awful. Which gets me to tonight. I bought this beer many months ago, expecting little. Instead I get a nose that is layered with caramel, figs, oak, and light chocolate. Sweet, but not overpowering. My now elevated hopes are rewarded on the taste buds as well. Silky smooth caramel and toffee, with the perfect amount of dark fruits lying underneath. Warmth allows the woody note of the oak barrel to come through, bringing with it a gentle bourbon heat. Just a faint amount of earthy hops and a touch of tobacco before a hint of salted caramel and sweet chocolate carry through the finish. Amazingly smooth for 14.5% ABV. I don't know if there are any bottles of this still hanging around, but if you see it, don't pass it up.