Year of New Beer: Standing Still In Your Past, Rock House Brewing (Lexington)

Written By: Dion on 01/10/2021

So if you ever had a grandma, or maybe an aunt, who brought a hummingbird cake to the family reunion, then you know exactly what this beer tastes like. Ridiculously on point. Banana takes the lead on the nose, followed closely by a vanilla cream and hints of pineapple. I get a touch of pecan, but I honestly can't tell if it's truly there or just the power of suggestion. Even more intricately layered on the tongue. Make no mistake, RH knows how to produce a banana flavor when needed, and this nails it. Sweet and juicy pineapple on the mid-palate, but it's the subsequent vanilla, cream, and angel food cake notes that make this so good. Warmth brings on a touch of cinnamon and pecan to round things out. Nicely balanced. I believe this is still available in the taproom, so you have no excuse.