Year of New Beer: Coffee Dunked Chocolate Donut Baba: Baba Yaga 2021, Ethereal Brewing Co (Lex)

Written By: Dion on 01/23/2021

I guess for beer nerds, you can count today's "Interim Baba Day" as a small bright spot in the mess that has been this pandemic. Four experimental variants of this already deliciously decadent beer, each clocking in at a hefty 14.5%. This one kicks off with a huge cold brew coffee note courtesy of Nate's Coffee. Plenty of charred malt and barrel, with hints of caramel and vanilla. A bit of aeration brings on a subtle undercurrent of the chocolate donut, providing a delicate but noticeable sweetness. On the tongue, the sweeter elements seem to hit first...chocolate and the sugary dough of the added breakfast treat. The base Baba flexes its muscle along the mid-palate, reminding you that the bourbon is ultimately in charge here. Even so, it never gets overly boozy or one-noted, instead allowing those caramel and slightly spicy tones to shine as well. Moving toward the finish, it's the cold brew coffee stepping up, rich and roasty with cocoa powder, nuts, and an earthy bitterness layered in just the right amounts. In the capable hands of Brandon Floan, donuts have never tasted so good. These sold out in two hours, long before I got off work today, so a big thank you to the person who helped me score them, you know who you are. Beer nerds are good people.