Year of New Beer: A New Riff on Braggot, Maiden City Brewing (Cynthiana, KY)

Written By: Dion on 02/07/2021

This pandemic has stolen many things from us. Personally, socially, economically...they all mean something to us as individuals. In the grand scheme of things, losses on the beer front are admittedly unimportant. But they are still important to those who are attempting to live out a dream. Last year's Craft Bash was sure to produce some stellar beverages. Today I got to sample one that was intended for a much larger audience. No one in Kentucky makes a braggot that compares to those offered up by Maiden City. This one gets the added treatment of a one year nap in a New Riff Rye Whiskey Barrel. Really nice nose of honeysuckle, caramel, and light oak. Warmth allows just a touch of a peppery whiskey bite to come forward. On the tongue, this hits sweet with caramel at the forefront, melting into a slightly nutty toffee note. The extended barrel exposure is evident as the subtleties of the bourbon flex along the mid-palate. Caramel is joined by vanilla and hints of oak, leather, and baked dessert breads. Rich and velvety through the finish, with an alcohol note that is content to slink along in the background, virtually unnoticed until it's too late. This is really nice. Currently on tap in the Maiden City Cynthiana tap room.